Our Mission

Structure ~ Confidence ~ Leadership


One of the most pressing challenges facing our society today is a lack of discipline, civility, and leadership in our communities. We seem to be living in an era of rudeness. Today our morality is gone. Cursing, vulgar language and disrespect have become the cultural norm in our schools and neighborhood, while integrity and social courtesy seems to be a thing of the past. We now live in a society where communication revolves around immodest behavior and character assassination.

To restore ethical behavior in our civilization, we need to begin with the next generation. Good manners and leadership excellence are the lubricating oil of successful people. Effective leaders today know that good manners are critical to success in workplace relationships, team performance, and customer service. 

School systems  and trade programs have done a phenomenal job equipping students with the knowledge required to succeed in today’s workforce; however, degrees and/or certificate only proves capability to perform the job, whereas, essential life skills such as empathy, communication, principles, initiative, and disposition ultimately lands the job because people don’t just hire degrees and certificates, people hire people.

Meet the Founder

Shanithia Jhons (1st Lady)


Shanithia Jhons, known as an Etiquette Connoisseur and Philanthropist  she is an expert in Image Consulting, Personal Development and Professional Ethics and Conduct.

Working with individuals, corporations, and organizations, she educates in a way that is both instructional and entertaining, helping her clients increase their confidence levels and achieve success in today's world.

Etiquette is not mere words to Shanithia they are a way of life. As an certified etiquette consultant, she inspires others by teaching proper etiquette in her dynamic seminars and creative classes around the world.  Classes taught are focused not only on outside mannerisms, but on internal characteristics such as high morals, values, standards, and ethics. 

Although she's an self-taught etiquette instructor, Shanithia holds numerous etiquette certifications, as well as countless certificates, acknowledgments, and awards for outstanding services offered throughout the United States. Her extensive background with corporate and community experience, reaffirm her belief that proper manners and social courtesies are an essential part of functioning successfully in today's world. 

Shanithia has authored numerous quality curriculum, which are taught to students of 3Phases as well as instructors who become licensed to teach her programs. 

In 2017, she started "A Room For My Ladies" housing program providing shelter to single ladies, mothers with children and veteran women in need of a safe and secure place to call home.